Park & Rec. Meeting Minutes for 09-05-05


Those in attendance were Shannon Payne, Dave Meisinger, Linette Crouch, Jan Fletcher, Doug Latham, and Phil Algreen. Meeting called to order at approximately 7:05 p.m.

Grant Services: Michael Gershowitz from Gershowitz Grant & Evaluation Services explained the process his company goes through in applying for grants. He answered questions and after his presentation Jan Fletcher moved that the Parks & Recreation Board recommend his company to the City Council fro approval. Dave Meisinger seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Bandstand Project: Shannon Payne will contact Byron DeVries about the status of this project

28E Agreement: The 28E agreement between the city and school for the Recreation Park was discussed. The agreement has been presented to the City Council and the School Board for approval. Jan Fletcher stated the only question the school had was on the concession stand agreement. The agreement does state that the city will provide management and for that will receive 10% of the profits. The school will receive 90% of the profits. Linette Crouch moved the board approve the 28E agreement as written. Doug Latham seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Al Howarth, Jan Fletcher, Shannon Payne and Chris Caskey will meet to review and update the Recreation Park rules. Any changes to be made at the Recreation Park must first be submitted and approved by the Parks and Recreation Committee.  

Quarry Park: The Quarry Park was discussed and continues to evolve as new ideas are introduced.


Madison County Lake:  The board discussed the possible locations that are still being considered for this project.

Sand Volleyball and Playground Equipment: Dave Meisinger stated that he has young men interested in doing these as Eagle Scout projects. Linette Crouch stated that a more appropriate place for the sand volleyball might be at the Recreation Park rather than the City Park. Shannon Payne requested that a report on the funds budgeted for the playground equipment is made available for our next meeting. It was agreed that any proposal (including Eagle Scout projects) be presented to the board for approval.

Camp Earlham Summer Day Camp Report: A report on the camp written by Jeff Finn was discussed. It was agreed that the camp is working well and that it should continue.


Website: Shannon Payne reported that the Earlham website has been updated by Kendall Crouch and it is much improved. The website is and there is a link to the Parks and Recreation Committee.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40. Next meeting will be October 3rd at 6:00 p.m. 

Phil Algreen