Park & Rec. Meeting Minutes for 08-01-05



Those in attendance were Richard Rothert, Shannon Payne, Al Howarth, Dave Boyd and Phil Algreen


Quarry Park: Richard reported that Roger Howell had spoken to Stan about the quarry park progress. Stan was not pleased that nothing is happening and would like to see something done as soon as possible. There was discussion about where things should be placed and it was agreed that we would meet at the park on Sunday August 7th and August 14th at 6:00 pm to flag the areas where we want things (ball fields, trees, trails, parking, picnic area, beach, driving range, campground, and shelter house) to be placed. Shannon will get in touch with Roger Howell and Andy Arnburg so they can attend. 


Lake: The Lake proposed for Madison County was discussed. It was generally agreed that it would be a good thing for the city of Earlham.


Veterans Cemetery: Richard reported that Andy Arnburg is working with Chris Nolte on another possible site for the Veterans Cemetery near Earlham.


Bike Trail: Richard reported that Andy Arnburg and Roger Howell are exploring the possibility of a bike trail from Gendler Woods to Earlham. Dave Boyd brought up the possibility of a bike trail from Earlham to the Quarry Park.


Officers:  Offices were voted upon and the results were: Chairman-Shannon Payne, Vice Chairman-Al Howarth, Secretary-Phil Algreen, and Treaurer-Linnette Crouch.   


28E: Shannon gave all members a copy of the revised 28 E agreement between the city and school regarding the use of the rec. park. This is a five year agreement that will be presented at the next City Council and School Board meetings for approval. 


Sand Volleyball Courts: Dave Boyd reported that the sand volleyball courts done correctly would cost about $6000.00




Phil Algreen