Park & Rec. Meeting Minutes for 12-05-05



Those in attendance were Shannon Payne, Jan Fletcher, Doug Latham, Al Howarth, Richard Rothert, Linette Crouch, Dave Meisinger, and Phil Algreen. Absent: Dave Boyd & Paul Clutter. Guests: Mike Wallace from the Dallas County Conservation Board. Meeting called to order at approximately 6:05 p.m.




Quarry Park: Mike Wallace spoke to the board about the possibility of the Dallas County Conservation Board creating a wildlife refuge at the Quarry Park. The park would be a low impact type setting with fishing and hunting allowed. Mike stressed the importance of getting a plan established while the earth moving equipment was still available, regardless of what type of development is decided upon. The board thanked Mike for taking the time to meet with us and he departed. Jan Fletcher moved that the Quarry Park be developed as discussed in earlier meetings, as a recreational area for fishing, swimming, hiking, ball fields, and other family activities. Dave Meisinger seconded and all voted Yes. Motion passed. Jan Fletcher, Doug Latham, and Richard Rothert will arrange to meet with Roger Howell and the Quarry personnel to discuss plans for dirt work.


City Council Meeting:  Shannon Payne, Jan Fletcher, and Doug Latham volunteered to attend the city council meeting on December 12th to answer questions about the Quarry Park plans.


28E Agreement: Shannon reported that the 28E Agreement between the city and school has been submitted and is waiting for approval.


Park & Rec. Rules: Shannon reported that the Park & Rec. rules have been submitted and are awaiting approval. 


Adult Soccer: Phil Algreen spoke about the adult soccer games that were played on Sunday nights last fall. The Earlham Soccer Club kept the fields painted and felt it was a good activity that should be supported by the Parks and Rec. Board. Jan Fletcher moved that $200.00 be paid to the Earlham Soccer Club for paint expense. Shannon Payne seconded and everyone voted yes. Motion passed. 


Parks & Rec. Calendar: A Parks & Rec. calendar that would be periodically placed in the Earlham Advocate was discussed. Shannon Payne will contact Angie Boyd and report back.


Youth League Athletics: Shannon Payne suggested having the youth leagues for sports such as basketball report to the Parks & Rec. Board. This would hopefully lead to better organization and communication.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 p.m.


Phil Algreen










Phil Algreen