Park & Rec. Meeting Minutes for 02-06-06



Those in attendance were Shannon Payne, Doug Latham, Al Howarth, Linette Crouch, Dave Meisinger, and Phil Algreen. Absent: Dave Boyd, Paul Clutter, Jan Fletcher, and Richard Rothert.  Guests: Kurt Schroeder from Miracle Playground Equipment, Amy Willem and Ron Tekippe. Meeting called to order at approximately 6:05 p.m.



Miracle Playground Equipment: Amy Willem introduced Kurt Schroeder from Miracle Playground Equipment. Kurt presented the board with some different options available for the city park. The special pricing for Spring will be available in a couple weeks and we will take a look at that time.


Madison County Grant:  Shannon Payne reported that there may be grant money available through Madison County. 


Signs for the Baseball Fields: This issue was discussed and it was agreed that these are signs paid for by advertisers and did not require any action.


Fourth of July Committee: This Fourth of July plans were discussed and it was decided that although the Parks and Rec. Board is not involved, we should be aware of who is so that we might refer questions to that committee. 


Gendler Park: Representatives from Schildberg’s and Dallas County DNR will be invited to the next meeting to discuss work that needs to be started this Spring.   


SVPA Architects Inc.: A quote from SVPA that included concept plans for Gendler Park was discussed. Doug Latham moved to accept Item # 2 Concept Plan (south) and Item # 4 Rough Grading Plan for Ball Fields and Parking. Al Howarth seconded and all voted Yes. Motion passed. 


28E agreement & Rec. Park rules: Both documents need to be approved and signed by the city council.


Little League: An e-mail from the Earlham boys and girls little league requesting help in purchasing chalk for lining fields was discussed. It was decided that if more money was needed, the sign-up fees should be increased to cover those costs.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:45


Phil Algreen