Park & Rec. Meeting Minutes for 03-06-06



Those in attendance were Shannon Payne, Doug Latham, Al Howarth, Dave Meisinger, Richard Rothert, Ron Tekippe, Jan Fletcher, and Phil Algreen.   Guests: Roger Howell and Mark Schildberg. Meeting called to order at approximately 6:05 p.m.



Shelter House: Dave Meisinger reported that the shelter house at the Rec. Park has been laid out and needs to be checked to insure it is acceptable. Al Howarth will verify that it is OK.


Gendler Park: Roger Howell reported that the lease agreement for Gendler Park with the Earlham Development Committee will end this spring. No decision on this issue was decided at this time. A decision about having a member of the Parks and Rec. board represented on the Earlham Development Committee was discussed and agreed upon. Jan Fletcher volunteered and moved that he become that representative. Doug Latham seconded and all voted Yes. Mark Schildberg reported that there was grant money available through the Schildberg Family Trust and encouraged us to apply. The grant money should be used for projects and not administrative costs. Doug Latham will check on the progress of SVPA Architects on the site plan documentation. Mark is going to get started on getting rock on the parking areas and the walking path on the border of the South area. 


Playground Equipment: Shannon Payne reported that Amy Willem had not received any pricing on specials available through Miracle Playground Equipment. Shannon will check and see why that information has not yet been received.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:00

Next meeting is scheduled for April 3rd at 6:00 pm

Phil Algreen