Park & Rec. Meeting Minutes for 04-03-06



Those in attendance were Shannon Payne, Richard Rothert, Ron Tekippe, Linette Crouch, and Phil Algreen. Guests: Misty Wright



SVPA Architects: Shannon Payne reported that SVPA had requested a meeting to discuss the Gendler Park plans they are working on. No date was set for when the meeting will take place.


Gendler Park: Park plans were discussed and it was decided that the board should meet one more time at the park to confirm placement of walking trails and vehicle parking. This meeting needs to take place in the next two weeks. Holding an open house at the park this spring was also discussed.  


Playground Equipment: Playground equipment literature from two different companies was discussed and analyzed. Not enough members were present to have a vote on which equipment should be purchased.


Shelter House: The shelter house at the recreation park has been lain out and construction will start soon.


Freedom Fest: The chairman of the Freedom Fest will be contacted and invited to attend the next meeting.


Summer Program: Jeff Finn will not be available to coordinate the summer program so it was discussed and agreed that an ad will be placed for this position.


Concession Stand: The concession stand at the recreation park was discussed and it was decided that there needed to be a person in charge of scheduling and stocking. Jeff Finn was in charge of this last year so this position could be part of the summer program directors job or a separate position.







Meeting Adjourned at 7:00

Phil Algreen