Park & Rec. Meeting Minutes for 06-05-06


Attendees were Shannon Payne, Al Howarth, Jan Fletcher, Richard Rothert, Linette Crouch, Dave Meisinger, and  Phil Algreen. Guest: Nicole Beckett



Playground Equipment: Shannon Payne reported that the new playground equipment for the city park had shipped June 2nd. The weekend of June 23rd, 24th, and 25th, is being targeted for construction so that it can be ready for the Fourth of July celebration. Volunteer help will be needed. A proposal to sell the old slide will be presented to the city council. 


Gendler Park: The layout map from SVPA Architects has been posted at the Earlham Schools and is available online at the cities website. An asphalt company has expressed interest in setting up a plant at the park for a fee that could be used to finance projects at the park. It was agreed that more information was needed before any decisions were made. The decision was made to hold a public meeting in the near future to answer questions and concerns about the park.    


Shelter House: Dave Meisinger reported that the shelter house near the soccer fields was almost complete. Two grills built by Dennis Brott will be installed soon and they turned out very well. The project will come in under budget. 


Summer Program: There will be no summer program this year but it was suggested that we try to do something once a month for June, July and August. Another suggestion was to have a citywide potluck in conjunction with the construction of the new playground equipment. All possibilities are being considered. 


Concession Stand: Nicole Beckett reported on her job of managing the concession stand at the ball fields. Everything seems to be running smoothly and everyone agreed she was doing a great job. 


Meeting Adjourned at 7:30

Phil Algreen