Planning & Zoning – 2011-06-09 7:00 PM

In attendance: Bill Harger, Kendall Crouch, Sandy Speeling, Shannon Flickenger, Chris Swalla

Guest: Group from a local business, Jamie Royster, Chris Pedersen, Adam Gordon, Gary Coffman, Linette Crouch


Meeting called to order.


Approve agenda


Possible business expansion:

Committee discussed the location of the property where future expansion is being planned.

Committee discussed some of the zoning issues that need to be addressed.

Business has had discussion with current property owner where some of the expansion will occur.

Business has considered possible issues with traffic and noise and have plans to minimize.

The committee has set June 15th for their next meeting to work on plans.


Industrial park plans for the city:

The current future plan has 3 areas defined.

Jamie Royster discussed the Industrial Park Committee's ideas and possible zoning changes.

There is a need to have an industrial park adjacent to the city

The SW corner of Earlham is discussed as a possible site.

Bill Harger makes a recommendation for the rezoning of the area south of the railroad tracks and then south to 115th St, and west of Walnut and then west to Poplar.

Kendall makes a motion that the city should pursue this area as a future industrial site.

Shannon seconds the motion.

Committee vote: 3 for, 1 against.


Septic Systems:

Discussion included:

Would it be beneficial to change the ordinances to not allow septic system?

What are the pros and cons?

Should lot sizes be changed to be larger than 1 acre?

Bill makes a motion to recommend that the distance be changed from 100 to 200 feet from the property line and increase the property size from 40,000 square feet to match the current Madison Count standards.

Shannon seconds the motion.

Committee vote: 4 for, 0 against.


Possible zoning changes for different levels:

The committee was made aware of past discussions around breaking up the current zoning areas into sub-types.

This will be an ongoing discussion.


The committee took a look at the proposed football field and track improvements. These changes may have to come to the committee if there are plat changes.


Sandy offered John Christensen's name as someone interested in being part of the committee.


Meeting Adjourned.