Planning & Zoning – 2010-04-07 7:00 PM

In attendance: Bill Harger, Kendall Crouch, Tim Feltner, Doug Miner, Shannon Flickenger, Steve Willem

Guest: Chris Peterson, Adam Gordon, Wayne Fastle, Gary Speeling, Kerry Vanderheiden


Meeting called to order.


Steve makes a motion to approve the agenda. Shannon seconds the motion. All agree.

Wayne Fastle, Kerry Vanderheiden, Doug Miner to discuss rezoning.

·      Kendall would like to rezone the entire strip along 3rd street and not just one lot (spot zoning).

·      It was brought up that the whole 13-15 acres could be rezoned.

·      Doug discusses the positive of zoning along 3rd street from Walnut to Wayne’s property on Chestnut.

·      Kerry and Doug cannot find property for sale. Wayne would like to sell to them.

·      Tim has concerns rezoning to commercial with homes being adjacent to the property. Steve agrees with Tim on impact to current home owners.

·      Comp plan will have to be changed first.

·      Members would like to have the public’s opinion.

·      If approved, then the city council would need to have a public hearing.

·      Tim suggested that the P&Z could table the zoning until Doug and Kerry have talked to all of the neighbors.

·      Committee will table the discussion until our next meeting on May 5th at 7 PM. Doug and Kerry contact the neighbors and get signatures stating ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the zoning changes. Neighbors will be invited to the next meeting.

Speedling are interested in information on trailers/campers and how they can be stored on personal property.

·      Adam not aware of anything on the books but will check. He will have to check the ordinances.

·      Also, concerned about the property near their property where a house was torn down. Could there be an ordinance added, or does one exist, to prevent properties from being left unattended/undeveloped.

·      Is there an ordinance regarding items on a property that are in left and in disrepair?

Sandy Speedling would like to be on the P&Z committee. Ron will appoint her at the next council meeting.

Doug recommends that the meeting adjourn. Tim seconds. All in favor.