How to find an ESTA?

ESTA is an electronic travel authorization granted to nationals of member countries of the US Visa Waiver Program. You can find the list of countries affected by the device on the US government website.

Foreign nationals, wishing to travel to the USA under the ESTA, must imperatively have a biometric passport or an electronic passport and go to American soil for a tourist trip, a business trip or to transit there.

You have applied for ESTA for your next stay in the USA, but you can no longer find your ESTA authorisation? We explain how to find your ESTA below.

Retrieve an ESTA authorization

Trying to find an ESTA is expressed by a desire to check whether it has been obtained or its validity. If you want to find your ESTA to present it to the American authorities, know that it is useless. You will not be asked to present your ESTA in paper format. Since the passport number is linked to the authorization, you just need to bring your valid passport. Make sure, however, that your current passport is the passport used to complete the application form.

The process for retrieving an ESTA depends on the method of obtaining it.

Find an ESTA ordered via the ESTA form on the official website

To retrieve an ESTA, simply visit the US government website and click on the “check application status” tab. One of two things, either you know your ESTA number and you simply have to fill it in, as well as your passport number and date of birth, or you don’t know it and have to provide your passport number instead, issuing country, date of issue, date of expiry and your date of birth. Then click on “retrieve the request” and voila.

Impossible to find an ESTA USA?

You followed our instructions to find your ESTA, but you get no results? Either your authorization request has not been taken into account, which is very very rare (unless there is fraud), or your ESTA is no longer valid.

An ESTA loses its validity when the two years of official validity have passed, but also in the event of a new passport. Who says new passport says new application, indeed. On the other hand, a new request will not be automatically accepted because the requests are treated independently. So be careful not to be turned down and be forced to apply for a visa at the American Embassy.

We hope we have helped you find your ESTA. Have a good trip to the United States.