Earlham City Council Meeting

June 15, 2015


The Earlham City Council met in regular session on June 15, 2015, at Earlham City Hall. Mayor Dusky Terry called the meeting to order and the following answered roll: Jeff Lillie, Scott Petersen, Jamie Royster, Heather Stancil, and Chris Swalla. Staff Present: Clerk Hibbs, Public Works Supervisor Coffman, and Police Chief Heimdal

Consent Agenda:

  1. Minutes of May 11, 2015 regular Council meeting
  2. Minutes of May 26, 2015 special Council meeting
  3. May 2015 Treasurer’s report
  4. June 2015 Claim ($140362.61) and Receipt ($94,241.89) report
  5. Cigarette/tobacco license for Casey’s General Store
  6. Cigarette/tobacco license for Earlham Building Center (Hardware Hank)
  7. Cigarette/tobacco license for Hometown Market
  8. Resolution 15-19 Authorizing Transfer of Funds
  9. Resolution 15-20 Setting Wages for Library Employee
  10. Resolution 15-21 - Removed from consent agenda – see below
  11. Freedom Fest and street dance - Removed from consent agenda – see blow
  12. Appointment of Dan Doud and Leslie Minert to Planning & Zoning Commission to replace Melissa Roberts and Rhonda Harkins whose terms expire July 2015

Motion by Stancil, seconded by Petersen, to approve consent agenda after moving items 10 and 11 to the regular agenda. Roll: Ayes – unanimous. Motion passes.

Vicious animal hearing – Chief Heimdal gave report on the situation. Two residents were bitten by a yellow lab early on the morning of June 10, 2015. Initially, the police chief, as well as one of the plaintiffs, was unsure as to the identification of the dog in question. The dog was never found at large, but upon further investigation it was believed to the dog of Jeanine Pacholski, 250 SW Walnut Street. After the animal was quarantined, both victims identified the dog as the one who attacked them. Ms. Pacholski gave a statement, apologized to the victims, and stated she is attempting to re-home the dog outside of city limits. Statements were given by both persons who had been attacked. Mayor stated this was a difficult decision, but citizens need to be protected.

Moved by Petersen, seconded by Swalla, to declare “Dawson” a vicious dog and removed from city limits.

Roll: Lillie-aye, Petersen-aye, Royster-aye, Swalla-aye, Stancil-nay. Motion passes.

Public Forum – Cindy Love read a statement regarding the truck route and the truck congestion on SE Sycamore. Along with several other citizens, she asked council to enforce the current ordinance. Mayor stated although Chestnut is not a designated truck route, according to the ordinance, it can still be used by trucks as it is a public street. Discussion was held on a possible stop sign at SE 3rd & Chestnut. Others spoke on the issue of safety for children and pedestrians. Mayor said council will attempt to address the issues and see what can be done.

Resolution 15-21 Comprehensive Plan Update for Solid Waste Reduction. Stancil wanted to make council aware of recommendation by SCILA to pass ordinance banning certain items from garbage.

Motion by Lillie, seconded by Stancil to approve Resolution 15-21 Comprehensive Plan Update for Solid Waste Reduction.

Roll: Ayes – unanimous. Motion passes.

Freedom Fest and street dance request – Mayor Terry thanked Trent Lilly for volunteering to head up Freedom Fest this year. Lillie stated street dance will still be on Chestnut. He also asked for a change in the parade route to take it past Pioneer Place. Everything else should remain the same.

Motion by Royster, seconded by Lillie, to approve the request for the parade route change.

Ayes – unanimous. Motion passes.

Update from Becky Nardy from SICOG on Earlham Housing Rehab Project – Construction has started and should be complete by end of August. The terms of the CDBG state when project is 50% complete, a Public Hearing will be held to hear comments on program and/or issues with contractors. She also presented Drawdown #2 of the Earlham Housing Rehab Project for $600.00.

Motion by Stancil, seconded by Swalla, to set a public hearing for July 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the Earlham CDBG Housing Rehab Project. Ayes – unanimous. Motion passes.

Motion by Royster, seconded by Petersen, to approve Drawdown #2. Ayes-Lillie, Petersen, Royster, Swalla. Nay-Stancil. Motion passes.

Public Works Report – Coffman reported on PW activities since last council meeting. Stated there had been a pre- construction conference on the water project. Mike Anthony with Shive Hattery said he will talk with project manager to make sure notices are sent to property owners. Anthony also presented the completed City Facility Plan. Stated no action needed by council.

Planning & Zoning Committee Report - On behalf of City, Mayor filed a building permit for the amphitheater addition to the park stage. P&Z approved the permit and recommended council approval. Royster said the addition will be done by Freedom Fest.

Motion by Royster, seconded by Swalla, to approve the amphitheater addition to city park

Ayes – unanimous. Motion passes.

Street Committee Report – Swalla said Ren Campbell from Farmers Co-Op feed mill explained truck traffic problem. Swalla asked him to communicate with drivers to avoid “staging” on the street. No action was taken at meeting. Discussion on adding N Chestnut to truck route, as it has never officially been designated as such.

Police report, Police Chief Jason Heimdal - Chief stated he sent 15 nuisance abatement letters last month, and he will follow-up this month. Reported on truck route issues, the Drug Take Back event, and traffic enforcement.

New Business

Brenda Hollingsworth, Madison County Historical Preservation Commission was unable to attend.

Lighting Upgrade – Lillie explained new LED bulbs for which MidAmerican Energy currently has a rebate. He stated the bulbs will pay for themselves in 2 years and have a 50,000 hour life. Mayor asked Hibbs to see if there was money in the budget to pay for these.

Motion by Stancil, seconded by Lillie, to extend meeting past the two hour limit to get to the end of agenda items. Ayes-Lillie, Royster, Stancil, Swalla Nay-Peterson. Motion passes.

Mayor’s Report – Mayor stated ruling came in on Arnburg vs. City of Earlham Board of Adjustment. He also mentioned the Planning and Zoning Commission has one seat left to fill, hopefully with a female to comply with state law.

Clerk’s Report - Discussion of Earlham Code of Ordinances Chapters 90-93 was tabled.

Council comments/discussion

Being there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

____________________________ Mary Sue Hibbs, City Clerk/Treasurer

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